Is Cape Independence possible? Yes!

This is the most asked question about Cape Independence, and perhaps the most important. 

Opponents of Cape Independence rarely argue it is not a good idea, or that it will not improve the lives of the Western Cape people, they argue it isn’t possible.

All too often, people who like the idea of Cape Independence also question whether it is possible.

How can you know Cape Independence is possible? 


The law shows that Cape Independence is possible

  • Self-determination (the legal basis for Cape Independence) is an undeniable human right which all people are entitled to.
  • Since 1994, South Africa has signed three separate international treaties promising to uphold the right to self-determination.
  • South Africa is unusual in that its constitution allows premiers to call a referendum - they do not need the permission of the national government.
  • Two major international supreme courts (Canada & UK) have effectively found that in a democracy, the government cannot ignore the outcome of an independence referendum decisions.

History shows that Cape Independence is possible

  • In the last 50 years, 35 other countries have gained their independence. Secession happens all the time.
  • A study at Harvard University found that over the period of the 100 years, there hasn’t been a single peaceful movement for change that has failed when 3.5% of the population gets actively involved (100k WC voters).

Research shows that Cape Independence is possible 

  • Polling shows that a majority of WC voters support Cape Independence - we can win a referendum if one is held.


If we can apply enough pressure on the Western Cape Premier to force him to call a referendum on Cape Independence, and the Western Cape people then vote to leave in that referendum, then Cape Independence will become a reality.

The bottom line, if you want Cape Independence you must vote for it. This is why the Referendum Party was formed.

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