We believe Cape Independence is the best option for the Western Cape people

South Africa is a failing state. Most of its problems are caused by terrible government policy and therefore self-inflicted. In the current system of government the ANC-led central government has power over almost every policy decision and this will continue after 2024. The majority of Western Cape voters have never once voted for the ANC. Cape Independence will allow the Western Cape to elect its own government and to make its own policy decisions. By improving the economy, creating jobs, and restoring law and order, this will lead to a better life for all of the people of the Western Cape.


We believe the DA should continue to run the Western Cape (at least for now)

The DA are not perfect, but they have done a much better job of running the Western Cape than the ANC have done in the rest of South Africa. The Referendum Party is fighting for Cape Independence, not to be the party of government. We know that most Cape Independence supporters are quite happy with a DA-led Western Cape government. We will vote with the DA and against the ANC to allow the DA to form a Western Cape Government and to continue to run the Western Cape. After independence, the Western Cape will then choose its own government.


We believe the WC Premier must call a referendum on Cape Independence

In 2021, before the last elections, DA leader John Steenhuisen promised that the DA would call a referendum on Cape Independence. Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has broken that promise. Polling in August 2023 found that 7 out of 10 Western Cape voters favour a referendum being held on Cape Independence. The Referendum Party has been created to pressurise the Western Cape Government into listening to the Western Cape people on Cape Independence.

Our calculations are that if just 100k people who support Cape Independence actually vote for it in 2024, then we can force a referendum to take place within 18 months of the election.

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