Two Futures

If you vote DA, you will be voting for a failed state future. Not because the DA will govern badly, but because in most cases, the DA won't be governing at all. A DA government in Cape Town isn't going to save us, if an ANC government in Pretoria is making all of the policy decisions.
If you vote RP, you will be voting for a First World future. Through a referendum, the Western Cape will obtain the ability to make critical choices for itself, rather than allowing an ANC-led national government to make them for us. We can then make better decisions.

Here is how those two futures will play out...

Future #1

If you vote DA

You are now living on borrowed time. The DA will fight valiantly to create a better life for all in the Western Cape. It will outperform every other province, but ultimately it will be in vain, because all the critical decisions which need to be made for the Western Cape to prosper will be taken by the ANC in Pretoria and not by the DA in Cape Town.

Economic Policy

A vote for the DA (who are unwilling to radically challenge the constitutional status quo) will mean that the ANC will continue to set economic policy. The outcome will remain the same.

Over the last decade South Africa has averaged 0.9% growth per year, whilst the population has grown at 1.2%, meaning that we are all getting poorer, not richer. This trend will continue.

Taxation and Spending

A vote for the DA will mean that the ANC continue to determine how much we are taxed and how our tax revenue is spent.

The Western Cape generates 14% of South Africa’s income, but benefits from only 10% of its spending. Instead of being spent on Western Cape citizens, our money will continue to fund ANC opulence, corruption and incompetence.

Law and Order

A vote for the DA will mean that the ANC will continue to run the Western Cape police service.

The Western Cape has the highest murder rate in the world. The Western Cape High Court has declared that police leaders in the province are corrupt, and the minister of police was himself dismissed as Chief of Police for impropriety. Criminals will continue to act with virtual impunity.


A vote for the DA will mean that hundreds of thousands of migrants will continue to illegally settle land in the Western Cape.

Vast sums of the provinces budget will have to be allocated to upgrading illegal settlements rather than being spent on those already here legally. With the South African courts still in charge, anyone removed from an illegal habitable structure will jump to the front of the housing queue whilst legal residents who are currently waiting more than 15 years are moved down the list.


Failed State

With little or no economic growth and an ever increasing population, unemployment and crime will continue to skyrocket. Tax payers and skilled workers will continue to emigrate in large numbers creating a vicious circle which will inevitably result in the Western Cape becoming a failed state. The DA will eventually lose power, until then, they will simply be slowing down the inevitable.

Future #2

If you vote RP

You have set the Western Cape on a new upward trajectory. The DA will retain power but they will be forced to call a referendum on Cape Independence. The Cape will vote to leave South Africa. For the first time the DA will be able to implement the policies the Western Cape people support and the ANC will now have no say in how the Western Cape is run. A First World future beckons.

Economic Policy

After the referendum on Cape Independence, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) Government will be able to set economic policy.

Establishing an investment friendly environment, the CoGH will become the economic tiger of Southern Africa. Economic growth will sky rocket to 10% per year. Funding will be available for development, job opportunities will rapidly increase and the Western Cape people will become wealthier.

Taxation and Spending

After the referendum on Cape Independence, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) Government will spend all of its income on the Western Cape people.

The Cape of Good Hope will no longer have to subsidise ANC corruption and incompetence. Economic growth will also mean it has much more money to spend. Infrastructure and service delivery will rapidly improve. Roads, trains, schools, and hospitals will begin to resemble the First World.

Law and Order

After the referendum on Cape Independence, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) Government will take control of its own police force.

Honest and competent policing professionals will replace corrupt police leaders. Standards within the police service will rapidly rise. The court system will focus on the law, rather than political ideology, and the prosecuting authority will be radically improved. Conviction rates will soar and criminals, rather than citizens, will begin to live in fear.


After the referendum on Cape Independence, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) Government will control its borders.

The large-scale illegal settlement of land will come to an immediate stop. An efficient immigration system will be put in place for those wishing to come to the CoGH legally. Anyone who can make a positive contribution will be welcomed. Budgets will now be spent improving the circumstances of those legally in the CoGH.  


First World Country

The Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) will flourish. The economy will growth, we will reduce unemployment and increase revenue. Infrastructure and services will quickly improve. The CoGH will become safer and skilled workers will be competing to get in, instead of out. Quality of life will improve for all and the CoGH will be reclassified as a First World country.

Keys to a First World Future

Many are yet to realise that, without Cape Independence, a vote for the DA will eventually result in the same outcome. A DA government in Cape Town won’t save the Western Cape if an ANC government in Pretoria makes all of the policy decisions.


Control of Economic Policy


Control of Taxation and Expenditure


Control of Immigration

Law & Order

Control of Policing and Justice