The Referendum Party has declared a red alert in the Western Cape and is warning all Western Cape voters about the serious dangers they are facing in the 2024 elections.

In the current system of government, the Western Cape government has almost no power over major policy. The national government decides everything.

The DA have been unable to deliver the devolution of powers despite having a provincial majority in the WC. The ANC have blocked every attempt.

The DA is ignoring the major demographic shifts which will see it lose power within the next 10 years.

Only 2.6% of black WC residents vote DA and the black population has doubled since 1994. Within the next decade, the WC electorate will be majority black and they will not be voting for the DA.

Polling shows that migrant voters from the EC hate the DA, are becoming disaffected with the ANC, and will increasingly vote EFF.

When the DA loses power to the radical African nationalists who are opposed to non-racialism, the quality of life for everyone in the Western Cape will rapidly decline (just as it did in Zimbabwe).

Cape Independence is the only way to secure a non-racial homeland for people who share the Western Cape’s current  ideological views. 

If you vote DA, you will be voting for a failed state. Not because the DA will govern badly, but because in most cases, the DA won’t be governing at all. No government in Cape Town is going to save us, if an ANC/EFF/MK national government is making all of the policy decisions.

Through a referendum, the Western Cape will obtain the ability to make critical choices for itself, rather than allowing an ANC/EFF/MK national government to make them for us. We can then make better decisions.

It’s now or never! Avoid the dangers of non-sustainable and non-voted for governance in the Western Cape. Vote for a referendum on Cape Independence!

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