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South Africans' salaries have not increased in line with inflation over the past two years.  We are not prospering.

“Keeping food on the table is getting harder and harder,” laments Phil Craig, leader of the Referendum Party (RP).  “ANC economic policy is driving prices up and the value of your money down.”

Although household wealth is higher than a year ago*, when adjusted for inflation, South Africans can buy less with their money today than they could last year. Over the last decade, South Africa has shown an average growth of less than 1% per year, while the population has grown at 1.2%, meaning that everyone is getting poorer.

“This trend will continue,” adds Phil. “Regardless of how the Western Cape votes in 2024, the rest of South Africa will continue to impose an ANC-led government on the province. A referendum on Cape Independence is imperative so that we can drive economic policy that leads to prosperity, not poverty.”

A vote for the DA, who are unwilling to radically challenge the constitutional status quo, means that the ANC will continue to set economic policy. The outcome will remain the same and a year from now, South Africans will be even worse off.

*According to Statistics SA

Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash