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Subject: True Patriot

Dear Phil

I'm writing you this letter to thank you and the people who assisted you for being brave and bold enough to do what you have done.

As you I am utterly shocked with the results but I'm more than shocked, I'm wondering how it’s possible that so many of my countrymen have been battered and abused so severely by the political class that they have truly become captured by fear.

I truly believe the average South African suffers from a combination of PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome, the DA ran a fear campaign, Doomsday, you ran a campaign of hope a 1st world alternative, similarly the VF+ also tried to sell a build back narrative, a positive message but it seems that sheeple are more afraid of the wolf than they are motivated by pursuing a brighter future without a wolf…

One thing is undeniable and that is that 2 thirds of voters want 3 different degrees of radical, more radical and most radical socialism. Another is clear and that is that there can and won’t be any accountability for the destruction of our country by a DANC coalition, they will have no choice but to look the other way like they did when they got in bed with the EFF, sleep with dogs and you will get fleas. I expect things like amnesty or truth and reconciliation strategies but it is highly unlikely to see any pollie in orange soon or ever.

In the fog of war one thing was lost on most WC people that cannot be said about all, Phil you are by a country mile the most honourable and honest Politician we had in the race and that is the purpose of my letter.

Here’s a Soutie, (I know you won’t take offense as you don’t strike me as woke and none is intended) whom fell in love with a country and its people and you came with an idea which is now part of the national conversation whether they like it or not. You came to the table with facts and you played open cards, you ran an incredibly honest race and made no false promises, and it’s this I want to thank you for.

I commend you on your conduct sir, you could not have done more, you could not have been more honest, straight forward or open with the people of the WC. I salute you!

Honesty must be the rarest of political minerals.

I wish you fair winds.

Best regards

Rock Spider