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South Africa is a ‘quasi-federal unitary state’. This means that, because it has provinces and provincial parliaments, it has the appearance of a federal state where each province has control over its own destiny, but in reality the central government makes all of the important decisions which control our lives.

The Western Cape is very different from the rest of South Africa, and as 30 years of election results attest, we want to be governed differently. For the last 15 years, we have voted DA whilst every other province has voted ANC. In fact, since 1994, the majority of Western Cape voters have never once voted ANC, but at a national level, they have never been governed by anyone else.

The reason why the Western Cape has serious issues with high unemployment, rampant crime, daily power cuts, and large scale illegal land invasions is because the government we elected in the Western Cape does not have the constitutional authority to do anything about it. We vote DA, but get ANC.

Only Cape Independence, which will allow us to elect our own national government, can change this. To achieve our independence, we need the Western Cape Premier to call a referendum. Despite the fact that 68% of Western Cape voters support such a referendum, he has so far refused.

The Referendum Party was formed to force the Western Cape Premier to call a referendum on Cape Independence.

If you want a referendum on Cape Independence, then vote Referendum Party. If you vote DA, you’ll get ANC.

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