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The Referendum Party is calling for the Western Cape to become an ideological homeland for non-racialists, and a safe haven for those trapped in South Africa under a system determined to alienate them.

A silent ideological war has been raging in South Africa for most of the democratic era. On one side we have non-racialism, on the other African nationalism. Ultimately, these philosophies cannot co-exist.

Non-racialism is South Africa’s official position and a founding value of the Constitution. South Africa belongs equally to everyone who lives here, irrespective of their race, and respects the contribution of all of those who developed South Africa into the relatively advanced country that it is.

African nationalism is South Africa’s reality. Race-based policy is a cornerstone of government policy, the past contributions of ethnic minorities are vilified rather than respected, and many amongst the majority black population (69% in the Western Cape*) believe that other races should behave as guests.

Phil Craig, leader of the Referendum Party, explains, “At its heart, Cape Independence is a battle for a country where non-racialism is our lived reality, a country where everyone’s history and contribution is respected, and where pragmatism rather than destructive ideology drives decision making. The outcome will be a prosperous and successful first-world country where our identity is no longer synonymous with our race.”  

(* Based on polling conducted by Victory Research on behalf of the CIAG)

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