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And suddenly everyone is talking about Cape Independence. The Referendum Party (RP) is pleased by the recent surge in interest in Cape Independence both online and in the media. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

In the past week Julius Malema and his acolytes, Rob Hersov, Gayton Mckenzie, Premier Alan Winde, Power FM presenters, Daily Maverick journalists, DA donors, and Pieter Groenewald have all spoken about Cape Independence. The #capeindependence hashtag is now trending on X and the Cape Independence debate is at the centre of the public’s attention.

RP leader Phil Craig says, “The incredible success of the RP would not have been possible were there not a deep desire for change in the Western Cape. Nothing will stop the Cape Independence debate from happening. We are very excited for the 2024 election and the opportunity to take our message directly to the Western Cape people.”

The winds of change are blowing in the RP’s direction. When we launched our party 5 weeks ago, we promised to deliver a Referendum Revolution. We are well on our way to delivering it.