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Western Cape communities are living in constant fear of crime. Second quarter crime statistics from the South African Police Service (SAPS) reveal widespread lawlessness continues to plague the province.

“The longer we leave policing in the hands of the ANC, the longer Western Cape people will have to suffer,” says Phil Craig, leader of the Referendum Party (RP).  “The Western Cape murder rate is higher than any other country in the world, with only 1 in 10 murders leading to a successful prosecution.”

According to the statistics released today, the Western Cape’s police stations take numerous positions in the top ten lists:

  • Murder – 5 WC stations
  • Carjacking – 4 WC stations
  • Contact crime – 4 WC stations
  • Community-reported serious crimes – 3 WC stations
  • Rape – 2 WC stations

Craig continues, “Our attempts to devolve policing have failed. We need to stop begging and start asserting our authority. We have a legal right to control our own destiny. With Cape Independence, we can control policing in the province, making it safer for all who call it home.”