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Is devolution more achievable than independence? Calls for devolution have grown in recent years, often as a result of increased pressure on parties like the DA from the Cape Independence movement. It won’t work. Here’s why:

At the national level, the Western Cape is governed by a political party that aims to centralise government control. Devolution goes completely against the ethos of the ANC. While, in theory, the national government is capable of devolving certain functions (i.e. policing), in practice, devolution would be an admission of failure from the ANC. Why would Bheki Cele admit that he’s failed to keep the Western Cape people safe?

At the same time, while responsibilities may be devolved, the real power is not. The Western Cape people would remain subject to a national ANC government, which can take away the powers from the province, as easily as they give them. Devolution would keep the Western Cape as a vassal of the ANC.

In contrast to devolution, Cape Independence puts complete control of our government in our hands - and it can be achieved without the consent of the ANC. Devolution keeps the Western Cape in a state of limbo, while Cape Independence sets us free.