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EFF MP Mzwanele Manyi is advocating for the colonisation of the Western Cape. Manyi has called on EFF supporters from outside the province to engage in blatant voter fraud to undermine the Western Cape people’s democratic wishes.

On 13 December, Manyi posted on X: “Everyone from the Eastern Cape can find a relative to relocate a voting address to Cape Town.” The Referendum Party (RP) finds these potentially criminal comments concerning, but not surprising. The African nationalist worldview of the EFF views the Western Cape’s minority communities with contempt and unworthy of having a democratic voice.

RP leader Phil Craig says, “The EFF appears to have acknowledged that the Western Cape people oppose what they stand for. The Western Cape is a province with a proud tradition of non-racialism, which is in stark contrast to the African nationalism dominant in the rest of South Africa. Despite Manyi's calls for African nationalists to effectively colonise the Western Cape, this reality is not going to change.”

The RP supports a referendum on Cape Independence. Whether Manyi likes it or not, the decision about the Western Cape’s future will be decided by the Western Cape people, not EFF supporters who do not even live here.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki