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The ANC Government dictates South Africa’s national policy. Without control of policing, taxation, borders or economic policy, we cannot control the outcomes for Western Cape people. A vote for the DA in 2024 will see an ANC government in Pretoria continuing to make all the important decisions that affect the province.

Referendum Party (RP) leader Phil Craig says, “Regardless of how the Western Cape votes in 2024, the rest of South Africa will continue to impose an ANC-led government on us. A referendum on Cape Independence is necessary so that we can have a government accountable to us.”

If the DA’s vote share drops by 4.2% or more in 2024 in the Western Cape, they will need to find a partner to form a provincial government. This has already happened at the local government level, where the DA lost 9.1% of the provincial vote in 2021. Many of these lost votes went to pro-Cape Independence parties such as the Freedom Front Plus and Cape Coloured Congress.

Craig continues, “79% of DA voters already support a referendum on Cape Independence. If 100 000 DA voters support the RP in 2024, then the DA would have no realistic choice other than to form a government with a party supporting Cape Independence.”

The RP would make a perfect coalition partner for the DA. In all circumstances, the party promises to vote with the DA to form a government, and to vote against the ANC. The purpose of the RP is not to remove the DA from power, but to hold them to account on holding a Cape Independence referendum.