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Letter to Referendum Party Supporters

Thank you to each and every person who helped establish the Referendum Party (RP), who campaigned on behalf of the party, and who ultimately voted for us. We are extremely grateful.

We are sure that many of you, just as we are, will be disappointed with the final outcome. This in no way reflects upon your incredible skill and dedication. To watch the RP grow out of nothing into the most wonderful political family has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. On this occasion it was not to be and if anyone must take responsibility for the election outcome, then as leader it is me.

This is the beginning of our story and not the end. The people and structures which we have collectively developed will stand us in great stead as our political journey continues, and South Africa has now been firmly introduced to our party, the RP.

The executive committee of the party has already commenced an investigation to establish why we were unable to convert the undoubted support which exists for Cape Independence, into more votes for the Referendum Party. Once our enquiries are complete, we will share the results with you.

Our opponents will inevitably try to equate a lack of votes for the RP with a lack of support for Cape Independence. Nothing could be further from the truth. The very same polling company which accurately established the outcomes of these elections, has repeatedly established the level of support for Cape Independence. It has always shown that the overwhelming majority of Cape Independence supporters vote DA. RP attempted to switch those votes from the DA to the RP in order to force a referendum, and it was in this endeavour where we were unsuccessful. Support for and the pursuit of Cape Independence remains very much alive.

We are now entering a totally unprecedented phase in South African politics. RP will have a critical role to play. Without being pushed, the DA will not call the referendum on Cape Independence which the majority of Western Cape voters support. 

What happens next with the national government will become very significant. 

An ANC/DA government is initially likely to be popular and Cape Independence supporters will need to be patient. If by some miracle it can turn South Africa around then we will all be delighted. If as we expect it cannot, then RP needs to be ready. We will have opportunities along the way to contest selected by-elections and to build momentum.

If an ANC/MK/EFF government comes to power, then the urgent need for Cape Independence will quickly become apparent to the overwhelming majority of Western Cape voters. In this scenario we will need to act with great urgency and in tandem with our colleagues in the wider Cape Independence movement. 

Thank you once again for your support. We really do appreciate it.

Chat soon