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The level of detachment required by President Cyril Ramapahosa to theme his 2024 SONA as ’Leave no one behind’ is quite extraordinary, even by his lofty standards.

More than 40% of our population is unemployed, 47% are dependent upon state grants, investors and skilled labour are fleeing the country in droves, economic growth is non-existent, and we were only capable of keeping the lights on for 33 out of 365 days in 2023.

South Africa is on the brink of total collapse and seemingly the only person who doesn’t realise it is the president, yet his party, after 3 decades in power, is wholly to blame.

Referendum Party leader Phil Craig says, “Given the opportunity, a clear majority of Western Cape voters will be delighted to be left behind as the ANC circus rolls relentlessly onwards. They have never once voted ANC. Had they never been part of South Africa and therefore able to elect their own government, they would be far better off than they are now. They must now be given the chance to determine their own future and that starts with a referendum on Cape Independence.”

The key to creating prosperity for all is pursuing sound economic policies, harnessing the potential of all people regardless of their race, upskilling the population through high quality education and training, and creating an environment which entrepreneurs and businesses are excited to invest in.”

Instead, for three decades our government has done exactly opposite.

Photo by Tobias Reich on Unsplash