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In February 2024, the Referendum Party (RP) applied to join the Multi-Party Charter (MPC), with the application immediately being rejected by ActionSA. Nonetheless, RP continues to support the objectives of the MPC and any efforts to remove the ANC from power at the municipal, provincial and national levels.

However, in politics, one has to be realistic. Many of the proponents of the MPC are selling a pipe dream, with polling and by-election data pointing to the MPC failing to get anywhere close to a national majority.

Most polls position the MPC in the 30-35% range nationally, with the ANC/EFF/MK enjoying support in the 60-70% range. This means that there will likely be a coalition between the ANC, EFF and/or MK.

This is in line with historical trends, which shows that voters in the rest of South Africa have not been leaving the ANC for more reasonable parties like the DA. Instead, they have been leaving for more radical versions of the ANC, the EFF and now MK. 

The ANC, in coalition with the EFF or MK, would result in failed government policies becoming more extreme. BEE, NHI and EWC will be accelerated, causing dire economic consequences on a scale greater than that of Zimbabwe. Furthermore, our constitutional and democratic institutions would come under continuous attack from actors who believe in the sanctity of neither. If this outcome comes to fruition, there is a significant threat to free and fair elections in 2029.

There is no alternative to Cape Independence — it is not merely a nice thing to have, but a necessity to protect the future and interests of Western Cape people. If you want Cape Independence, you are going to have to vote for it on May 29th. It could be your last chance.