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Phil Craig, leader of the Referendum Party joined renowned British politician Nigel Farage for an interview on GBN where Farage expressed his interest in the Referendum Party. It is encouraging to see the interest shown in Cape independence as the Referendum Party embark on the journey of taking control of the Western Cape’s destiny.

Farage, who played a pivotal role in the Brexit movement, offered his support and perspective on the South African endeavor. 

Farage stated, "It's truly remarkable to see a political movement inspired by the success of Brexit taking shape in South Africa. Just as we believed in regaining control over our destiny in the UK, the Referendum Party is driven by the same spirit of self-determination. I'm watching their progress with great interest, and if they succeed, I wouldn't be surprised if many of us are tempted to come and live there."

During the interview, Craig also acknowledged the formidable challenges they are facing in the pursuit of independence. Craig mentioned, "We understand that challenging the status quo, the establishment, and potentially powerful corporate interests will be a tough battle. But that's where the excitement lies. We are building an inspiring grassroots movement that has already achieved remarkable results. Our resolve is unshakable, and we are determined to prevail."

Watch the interview here: