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When Cyril Ramaphosa signs the NHI Bill into law today, he will be signing the death warrant of the health system in the Western Cape. The BELA Bill which is following hot on its heels, will do the same for education. They highlight the urgent need for the Western Cape government to take an infinitely more robust and even radical stance to safeguard the best interests of the Western Cape people.

The Referendum Party (RP) recognises the need for improved access to healthcare and education across society. A healthy, well-educated population is essential to the building of a First-World country. South Africa’s health challenges will not however be solved by a mass exodus of healthcare professionals from the country, and the national government has already demonstrated it cannot run a health system successfully.

RP leader, Phil Craig, says “In order to solve the problems we face, we need to fix the institutions that are broken and not break the institutions that are working. With the NHI Bill, we have once again seen the Western Cape government pleading with the national government not to pass a disastrous bill, only to be ignored. Our provincial government must do more to protect the people who elected it”.

Only Cape Independence will ensure that Western Cape people will control their own policy decisions and will bring about the end to unworkable bills such as NHI and BELA. Cape Independence is possible but only if people vote for it on May 29th.