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Without control of economic policy, the Western Cape economy will always be at the mercy of the South African national government. This was highlighted this week when reports emerged that BEE will be taken into account when allocating export permits to the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK). As a result, thousands of agricultural jobs are potentially at risk. 

The Referendum Party (RP) welcomes the decision of the Democratic Alliance (DA) to lodge complaints with the relevant trade authorities in both the EU and UK but says this is not enough. The Western Cape does not support race-based policies and it should not have them forced upon it by a national government which it has emphatically rejected, especially when so many jobs are endangered in the process.

Robert King, RP spokesperson on the economy, says, “The Western Cape has an unemployment rate of 25.3%. It is unconscionable to follow policies which the Western Cape people oppose, and which are likely to increase unemployment further. Instead, the Western Cape Premier must call a referendum on Cape Independence and give the Western Cape people the option of controlling their own economy.”

Whether these regulations are new or a continuation of an existing policy is immaterial. Without the consent of the Western Cape people, they shouldn't be there at all.

DATE: 13  November 2023