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Economic policy and job creation are inexorably linked. In the Western Cape, policy is determined by the ANC-led national government which the Western Cape people have emphatically rejected.

In the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) issued by StatsSA, the Expanded Unemployment Rate (EUR) for the Western Cape was 25.6%.

Robert King, Referendum Party (RP) spokesperson on the economy says, “The latest StatsSA employment data tells two different stories. The Western Cape may be outperforming the rest of South Africa, but its unemployment rate is three times higher than other G20 countries.”

If the Western Cape is to fufil its potential, it cannot measure itself against South Africa. South Africa has an official unemployment rate of 31.9% (not EUR), which is one of the highest in the world. The average in G20 countries is 6.7%.

King says, “Without control of economic policy, we cannot control unemployment. Premier Alan Winde must call a referendum on Cape Independence and allow the Western Cape people to determine their own economic future.”

DATE: 15 November 2023