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On 13 March, Referendum Party (RP) leader Phil Craig delivered a speech on Cape Independence at the 6th BizNews Conference in Hermanus. This was followed by a Q&A session with BizNews editor Alec Hogg.

The speech, titled “Cape Independence: Fool’s errand or survival strategy?”, aimed to address many of the key questions asked of Cape Independence. The four questions focused on were: is independence possible, is it necessary, is it desirable, and is there an alternative?

In concluding his speech, Craig said “Our message is very, very simple. You can choose a first-world future in an independent Western Cape, or you can choose to live in a failed South African state, and how you vote in 2024 will determine which one of these two very different futures becomes your reality.”

The text and video of the speech are available on the RP website (,  and the subsequent Q&A session is due to be published by BizNews after the conference has concluded.