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Cape Independence is being pursued peacefully and democratically and within the confines of the South African constitutional order. It is therefore not a decision for racial demagogues like Malema to unilaterally pronounce upon, but rather a decision for the Western Cape people to make in a referendum.

Malema would do well to reflect on the outcome of the EFF’s disastrous Brackenfell protests and the more recent taxi strike. The Western Cape is not like the rest of South Africa, and he must not think he can take liberties here.

RP leader Phil Craig says, “Cape Independence is about delivering real political power to the Western Cape people. The Western Cape has emphatically rejected the sort of race nationalism which Malema embodies and has instead endorsed genuine non-racialism.”

The RP is willing to publicly debate the issue of Cape Independence with Malema if he so wishes. He is then very welcome to advance an argument as to why the Western Cape people are better off by remaining a part of South Africa.

If, however, he thinks he is going to bully Cape Independence organisations into silence he has badly misjudged the situation. It will not go well for him if he tries.