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In accordance with the promise it made to voters at its launch in November 2023, the Referendum Party (RP) had formally submitted a request to join the Multi-Party Charter (MPC).

In its letter to the parties of the MPC, the RP has stated that it agrees with the MPC that there is a ‘real and extremely significant danger’ that the 2024 South African national elections will result in an ANC-led national coalition government which is more radical and more destructive than the current ANC government, and which would be catastrophic to the welfare of ordinary South Africans.

Referendum Party leader, Phil Craig, says, “Two of the key focus areas of the MPC are to protect citizens from an ANC-led government, and to bring power as close to the people as possible. Asking the Western Cape people, in a referendum held in accordance with the South African Constitution, whether they want to rid themselves of the ANC and EFF forever is entirely consistent with these values. This is exactly what Cape Independence will achieve.”

A copy of the RP’s letter to the MPC can be found here

Photo by Savvas Stavrinos