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Over the weekend, former President Jacob Zuma proposed that the Eastern and Western Cape be merged into one province with the express purpose of preventing (Western) Cape Independence.

Ironies abound.

The Western Cape people, who are legally constituted in the Western Cape Constitution, have an ‘inalienable and undeniable’ right to self-determination which South Africa has repeatedly sworn to uphold.

Cape Independence is premised upon a desire for the Western Cape people, the majority of whom have never once voted ANC, to take control of their own destiny. Calls for South Africa to be intentionally restructured to prevent the Western Cape people from deciding for themselves on independence only serve to illustrate how essential independence is.  

Referendum Party leader Phil Craig (whom Zuma appeared to refer to as a ‘UK foreigner’) says, “Zuma has done more for Cape Independence than I will ever do. I immigrated to South Africa 20 years ago, and I didn’t do so with the intention of leading an independence movement. The turning point was his presidency which set South Africa on a downward spiral from which it looks unlikely to ever recover. Cape Independence is the antidote, and the Western Cape people must be allowed to decide for themselves if they want it. Polling suggests 68% of them support a referendum on Cape Independence.”

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