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Referendum Party (RP) to publicly confront DA over record in WC government

Commencing at 11h00 on Thurs 16 May, the Referendum Party (RP) will drive a mobile advertising convoy in a continuous loop around the Western Cape Provincial Parliament in Wale Street and the DA’s offices in Mill Street (Cape Town). (A picture of the convoy being prepared can be viewed here)

The RP’s key message will be that after 15 years with an outright DA majority in the province, the Western Cape remains an economic disaster zone, and that this isn’t good enough. The province has averaged 1.1% economic growth over the last decade, and unemployment remains unacceptably high at 25.6% (EUR) compared to 25.7% a decade ago.

RP leader Phil Craig, who will lead the convoy, says, “Through its intransigence, the DA is allowing people’s lives to be destroyed. It holds the tools to economic prosperity in its hands but it is refusing to use them! RP believes that the DA has sound economic policies which could deliver 10% economic growth and 10% unemployment, and the Western Cape people have repeatedly endorsed those policies. But instead of claiming the Western Cape people’s right to self-determination and implementing them, the DA is seemingly content to remain a doormat for the ANC-led national government which the majority of Western Cape voters have never once voted for.”

RP is calling for Premier Winde to call the referendum on Cape Independence which will unlock the province’s potential and allow it to create a better life for all, free from the ANC’s disastrous policies. It is now absolutely clear that the ANC will still call the political shots after the 2024 elections, whilst the Western Cape people will once again reject them.

Craig sums up the situation by saying, “The DA’s self-imposed impotence is enabling ANC incompetence and corruption. Winde says he cannot call a referendum. He can, he is just too cowardly to assert his constitutional right. Talk of the referendum legislation being an insurmountable obstacle is nonsense. Winde must just call the referendum. If there is indeed a legislative issue, let the ANC go to court to try and stop him. The Western Cape people deserve better.”