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The Referendum Party signed the CapeXit Election Accord on April 22, 2024, in Cape Town. The Accord is an agreement of cooperation between CapeXit, a non-profit organisation, and the Referendum Party (RP) and Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus), political parties contesting the 2024 general elections. 

CapeXit has 840 000 members who have all formally committed in writing to voting for Cape Independence in a referendum. Under the terms of the accord, CapeXit will now recommend that their members vote for either RP or FF Plus. 

The purpose of the Accord is to consolidate the votes of those who seek independence into a voting block. The parties to the Accord seek to leverage these votes in the likely coalition negotiations with the DA to achieve a commitment to a referendum on Cape Independence.

The Referendum Party recognizes that the time for Cape Independence is now. The Western Cape cannot escape the destructive policies of the central government. Independence will allow us to make our own decisions about the economy, borders, safety, taxation, and spending.

A recent poll <> showed that 68% of the Western Cape people support a referendum.

RP’s Dr. Joan Swart said, “The premier of the Western Cape can call such a referendum, but he simply does not have the political will to do so. Our aim through this cooperation is to force him to listen to his constituents.”

The Accord is an important milestone on the road to self-determination, freedom, and prosperity for the People of the Western Cape.

On the same day, RP also launched its election manifesto on the Western and Eastern Cape border. [More details about that here]



[Copy of Accord]