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If 3.5% of the population gets actively involved in a political cause, nothing can stop them from changing history. This is according to a Harvard University study, which found that no movement with that level of active engagement, provided it was peaceful, has ever failed.

In a short period of time, Cape Independence has gone from being a fringe topic to one that forms part of the Western Cape’s mainstream political debate. Today, 68% of Western Cape voters want a referendum and 58% support Cape Independence outright.

So far, this has been driven by a relatively small group of fiercely motivated people. However, in order to bring about real change, we need more ordinary Western Cape people to get involved and take matters into their own hands. 3.5% of the Western Cape’s 3.2 million voters equates to 100,000 people. If 100,000 people make a stand for their future, nothing will stop them.

100,000 votes for the RP guarantees that the pro-independence parties will form part of a DA-led Western Cape government in 2024. From that position, we can leverage our influence to deliver the Cape Independence referendum the people of the Western Cape want.

History has shown, a victory in that referendum would be impossible for any politician, any party or any government to ignore. The will of the people would have to be respected.

A better future is within your grasp, but you will have to vote for it in 2024. Join the RP today and help us kickstart the Western Cape’s Referendum Revolution.