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Our present should never come at the expense of our future. When we make a decision, we should always balance the present benefits as well as how it will impact us in years and decades to come.

The Western Cape’s choice in 2024 will not be between the ANC and DA. Western Cape voters are not stupid. They know how destructive ANC governance is, which is why a majority of our voters constantly reject them at the ballot box.

In contrast, the DA have done a good job at administering the DA, with the provincial and municipal governments consistently being regarded as the best in the country. We have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, highest number of clean audits and a magnet for people from across South Africa seeking a better life.

However, alone this is not enough. As long as the Western Cape is a part of South Africa, we will be dragged down with the rest of the sinking ship. This is because we don’t have real power. We don’t have the power to select our own policies and make our own choices. We can’t control our taxation, borders, policing and economic policy. Without this, we can’t control our own future. Instead, the ANC decides our future for us.

Your choice in 2024 is simple. You can vote DA and watch in despair as we continue to decline with the rest of South Africa. Or you can vote RP and secure both your present and your future, by having a DA government and a Cape Independence referendum delivered to you.