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The Referendum Party was created to pressure the Western Cape Premier into calling a referendum on Cape Independence.

We believe Cape Independence is essential to the welfare of the Western Cape people and we believe they must be given the ultimate say in how they are governed.

It is a statistical fact that, since 1994, the majority of Western Cape voters have never once been governed at a national level by the party they voted for. The consequences of being governed for 30 years by a party which they didn’t vote for (ANC) have been terrible.

Our purpose is to hand control of their own destiny back to the Western Cape people by allowing them to elect their own government. Cape Independence is the only way to do this.

As a party, we do not say who should govern the Western Cape, and we do not say what policies that government should pursue. That decision must be made by the Western Cape people in elections after we have worked together to secure our independence.

We believe that an independent Western Cape must be genuinely non-racial (i.e. an end to the use of racial classifications to advantage or disadvantage anybody based on their race), and that we must have an honest, open, and fair democratic system.

For those who want to know exactly how an independent Western Cape will look, we cannot tell you, because it isn’t our decision to make, it is yours. What we can do is ask you to look at how the Western Cape people have voted for the last 30 years, because this will be an excellent indicator of how they want to be governed.

We can also ask you whether you think your future will be better in a system where voters in the rest of South Africa choose your government for you (based on their voting history for the last 30 years), or in a system where you decide for yourself who governs you? 

From time to time people ask us to support a specific cause which they may feel strongly about (but which has nothing to do with Cape Independence). Even if as individuals within the party we have sympathy with your views, we cannot and will not endorse them as a party because we represent all of the people of the Western Cape.