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The RP spends a lot of time talking about the DA. This is not because we believe they run the Western Cape badly - quite the contrary. The Western Cape is South Africa’s best-run province in no small part due to the DA’s governance capabilities.

However, a DA government in Cape Town cannot improve the lives of the Western Cape people, when an ANC government in Pretoria makes all the important policy decisions. Only Cape Independence will give the Western Cape Government full control over areas such as policing, taxation, the economy and our borders. In order to demonstrate that a majority of Western Cape voters wants Cape Independence, the question needs to be put to the people in a referendum.

The Western Cape Premier’s right to call a provincial referendum is outlined in Section 127(2)(f) of the South African Constitution and Section 37(2)(f) of the Western Cape Constitution. Since 2009, the DA have consistently held a majority in the Western Cape Parliament and in 2024, they will almost certainly emerge as the largest party again, with Premier Alan Winde already renominated as their Premier candidate.

The RP focuses on the DA because they are the gatekeepers to a referendum on Cape Independence. Therefore, if you want a referendum, you will have to vote for parties that will force the DA to call one.