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Worst case scenarios look to be coming true says Referendum Party (RP)

Nationally, precisely the doomsday scenario predicted by the Referendum Party (RP) and warned against by the DA is emerging; a weakened ANC national government, without an outright majority, and where the ANC has lost votes to the radical left. The immediate future for South Africa is terrifying. 

Initial results indicate that voters in the Western Cape have been unwilling to vote against the DA in order to force a referendum on Cape Independence. Instead, voters appear to have put their faith in the DA to chart a path forward.

The Referendum Party (RP) will now watch with intense interest to see how the new DA-led Western Cape Government is able to negotiate this minefield. It cannot deliver either devolution or federalism and the Western Cape people are once again at the mercy of a national government which they have resoundingly rejected.

The DA must acknowledge that 79% of its Western Cape voters support Cape Independence, even if the RP has been unable to convince those voters to vote against the DA to force a referendum. Cape Independence is by far and away their best long-term option.

Now that the Multi-Party Charter has emphatically failed, the RP calls upon the incoming Western Cape Premier to call a referendum on Cape Independence and to allow the people to decide on the issue of independence for themselves.

DATE: 30 May 2024